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Driver Safety Rating (DSR)

  • MPI promotes safer roads via the Driver Safety Rating (DSR) system, rewarding safe driving simply and fairly.
  • Your DSR position is based on your driving record.
  • Safe driving can escalate your DSR scale position, saving up to 46% on vehicle premiums and an additional $30 on driver’s licence premiums.
  • High-risk behaviors like traffic convictions, at-fault claims, and impaired driving will lower your DSR scale position.
  • Highest-risk drivers could face up to a $3,000 premium on their driver’s licence charge with no vehicle insurance savings.
  • Starting April 1, 2024, the DSR scale will expand to 39 levels, including a new top level (+18) and greater vehicle premium discounts for levels +9 to +17, making safe driving more beneficial.

Unsafe Driving

  • Severity of conviction affects scale movement.
  • Examples of scale movements:
    • Not obeying a traffic sign: -2 levels
    • Speeding <50 km/h over limit: -2 levels
    • Driving without a seatbelt: -2 levels
    • Careless driving or using hand-held devices while driving: -5 levels
    • Impaired driving (drugs/alcohol): -10 levels
    • Speeding ≥50 km/h over limit: -10 levels
    • Leaving the scene of an accident: -10 levels
    • Impaired driving causing death: -15 levels
    • Unsafe driving, at-fault claims, and certain convictions lower position on scale.
    • Highest-risk drivers may incur up to a $3,000 premium on their driver’s license charge.
    • No savings on vehicle insurance for highest-risk drivers.

How The Scale Works

  • Annual notice sent before renewal, showing current scale position and next year’s dues.
  • Adjustment of scale level based on prior year’s Driver Safety Rating (DSR) and driving record.
  • Safe driving (no claims, convictions, or suspensions) each year raises you one level on the scale, reducing licence and vehicle premiums.
  • High-risk driving (traffic convictions, at-fault claims, alcohol/drug suspensions) results in moving down the scale, increasing premiums.
  • Drivers in negative scale positions can improve DSR substantially through safer driving; for instance, a driver at level -20 advances seven levels after one year of safe driving.

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Manitoba DSR (Driver Safety Rating) Scale

The Manitoba Driver Safety Rating (DSR) scale is a system used by Manitoba Public Insurance to rate drivers based on their driving behavior. It’s designed to reward safe drivers and penalize those who engage in risky or illegal driving practices. Here’s how it generally works:

Points System: The DSR scale ranges from -20 to +15. Drivers accumulate or lose points based on their driving record.
Rewards: Drivers with positive points on the DSR scale may receive discounts on their vehicle insurance premiums.

Penalties: Conversely, drivers with negative points may face higher insurance costs.
Impact of Traffic Violations: Traffic violations, including the use of hand-held devices while driving, can result in points being deducted from a driver’s DSR.

Annual Review: Each year, Manitoba Public Insurance reviews the driving records of all drivers and adjusts their DSR points accordingly.
The purpose of the DSR scale is to incentivize drivers to adhere to traffic laws and safe driving practices, thereby reducing the incidence of accidents and improving road safety overall.

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  • Consequences of Driving While Suspended:
    • Imprisonment: Up to five years.
    • Fines: Up to $2,000.
    • Licence Prohibition: Non-appealable under the Criminal Code; no option for a conditional licence.
    • Lifetime Suspension: Possible under The Highway Traffic Act.
    • Additional Costs: Increased driver’s licence premiums upon reinstatement.

Show Cause Hearings

Manitoba Public Insurance may call drivers in due to convictions or collisions appearing on their driving record. This hearing takes place before your licence has been suspended, and POINTTS™ want to do whatever we can to prevent you from getting a licence suspension. Contact POINTTS Traffic Ticket Specialists (Bonded Agents) for a Free No Obligation Consultation. Experience Matters.


You can apply for an appeal to the Licence Suspension Appeal Board (LSAB) to determine if you qualify for a conditional driver's licence. There are specific requirements to appeal to the LSAB depending on what enforcement authority took action against your driver's licence. Contact POINTTS Traffic Ticket Specialists (Bonded Agents) for a Free No Obligation Consultation. Experience Matters.


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