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LSAB Appeals

  • Introduction to LSAB Appeals
    • Apply for an appeal with the Licence Suspension Appeal Board (LSAB) to potentially obtain a conditional driver’s licence during your suspension period.
  • Eligibility for Appeal
    • Eligibility for an appeal is contingent upon the specific circumstances and enforcement authority involved in the suspension of your driver’s licence.
    • Each type of enforcement action (e.g., speeding, DUI, reckless driving) may have distinct criteria for appealing.
  • Requirements for Filing an Appeal
    • Complete the necessary LSAB application forms available on the LSAB website or at their office.
    • Submit a non-refundable application fee; refer to the LSAB fee schedule for current rates.
    • Provide a detailed explanation of why retaining a driver’s licence is essential for you (e.g., employment, medical reasons, family obligations).
    • Include any supporting documents that substantiate your need for a conditional licence (e.g., employment verification, medical reports).


  • Process After Filing an Appeal
    • Once submitted, the LSAB reviews your application to determine if you meet the criteria for a hearing.
    • If granted a hearing, you will have the opportunity to present your case to the board.
    • The LSAB will consider factors such as the severity of the offence, your driving history, and your personal circumstances.
  • Outcome of the Appeal
    • If successful, you may be granted a conditional driver’s licence, which typically comes with restrictions tailored to your situation.
    • Unsuccessful appeals will result in the continuation of the original suspension.

This section outlines the key steps and considerations involved in applying for an LSAB appeal for a conditional driver’s licence.

The LSAB has the authority to modify or reverse a suspension decision. This can be crucial for those whose employment or daily activities heavily depend on the ability to drive.

Each case might vary depending on the specifics of the suspension and the rules in the jurisdiction where the suspension occurred. It’s important for drivers to understand the appeal process and to utilize it when they believe an enforcement action is incorrect or overly harsh.

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Manitoba DSR (Driver Safety Rating) Scale

The Manitoba Driver Safety Rating (DSR) scale is a system used by Manitoba Public Insurance to rate drivers based on their driving behavior. It’s designed to reward safe drivers and penalize those who engage in risky or illegal driving practices. Here’s how it generally works:

Points System: The DSR scale ranges from -20 to +15. Drivers accumulate or lose points based on their driving record.
Rewards: Drivers with positive points on the DSR scale may receive discounts on their vehicle insurance premiums.

Penalties: Conversely, drivers with negative points may face higher insurance costs.
Impact of Traffic Violations: Traffic violations, including the use of hand-held devices while driving, can result in points being deducted from a driver’s DSR.

Annual Review: Each year, Manitoba Public Insurance reviews the driving records of all drivers and adjusts their DSR points accordingly.
The purpose of the DSR scale is to incentivize drivers to adhere to traffic laws and safe driving practices, thereby reducing the incidence of accidents and improving road safety overall.

  • Consequences of Driving While Suspended:
    • Imprisonment: Up to five years.
    • Fines: Up to $2,000.
    • Licence Prohibition: Non-appealable under the Criminal Code; no option for a conditional licence.
    • Lifetime Suspension: Possible under The Highway Traffic Act.
    • Additional Costs: Increased driver’s licence premiums upon reinstatement.

Appeal Board Hearing

If the Registrar of Motor Vehicles (Manitoba Public Insurance) suspends you post-show cause hearing, you can appeal to the Licence Suspension Appeal Board (LSAB). Submit updated documents at least two weeks before your hearing if circumstances like employment or work hours change. Contact POINTTS Traffic Ticket Specialists (Bonded Agents) for a Free No Obligation Consultation. Experience Matters.

Filing An Appeal

If the Registrar of Motor Vehicles (Manitoba Public Insurance) denies your Manitoba driver’s licence due to unmet proof of residency requirements, you can file an Appeal Application with the LSAB, adhering to the necessary residency documentation guidelines. Contact POINTTS™ Traffic Ticket Specialists (Bonded Agents) for a Free No Obligation Consultation. Experience Matters.

Prepare for HEARING

Approximately 2-3 weeks before your hearing date, you’ll receive a “Notice of Hearing” confirming the date and time. Expect the session at the hearing office to last up to two hours, before a panel of three or more board members. Contact POINTTS Traffic Ticket Specialists (Bonded Agents) for a Free No Obligation Consultation. Experience Matters.


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